privacy policy

privacy policy information according to European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR)

no tracking, profiling or analysis tools are used on our websites and no data of visitors,
which could be assigned to certain persons, collected.

the only cookie that will be set is the one for your consent at the startup popup window,
so that not reappear, every time you change between our web pages

on some devices cookies are stored in order to improve the presentation of the website
and functionality of our web pages. they do not contain any personal data.

when you visit our website, the following statistical data (logfiles) are stored:

  • internet protocol (remote IP address)
  • site leading to us (referrer URL)
  • browser type and version (HTTP user agent)
  • your country and region (if attainable)
  • date and time
  • operating system used
  • visited page

these logfiles will earmarked to us by our provider for a time window of the last
6 weeks and do not contain any personal data.

if you have any questions about our data protection, please contact us.

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