get all the best out of downsized, pixelated or old videos on the fly

dooplay uses graphical bitmap processing during each frame is displayed so you can enhance sources with poor image quality using many combinable switches, sliders and parameters to transform it into an optimized output of the original media in real time

in addition, dooplay suggests to you using a suitable screen resolution that you can set an adequate screen size for your choosed media source

with an integrated audio equalizer you can also modify the embeded sound quality

all settings for each media source will be stored as a specified setup configuration and you can fast restore and use it next time the same source is loaded into dooplay

additionally you can utilize dooplay similarly as an ordinary player for video sources

for the functionality of dooplay, an installed videolan vlc player 64bit is required

audio and video encoding based on VLC media player (LGPL 2.1) libraries
graphic filters and graphical output based on graphics32 (LGPL 2.1) sources

download executable for windows 64bit