playlist media player / local or web media player

import m3u files fast with your android file manager
also directly using the integrated content browser
sat2ip- or web-tv and different kinds of media sources
supports import of avm fritzbox dvb-c exported playlists
create or import your own playlists for all kind of media
manyplay plays media files or content pathes in playlists
(mp4,mkv,wmv,avi,mp3;wav;ogg)and a huge range of files
use manyplay as your web-/sat2ip-tv or media stream player
or as a fast player for your different kinds of media sources
supports reconnect functions for hanging stream issues
contains complete electronic program guide functions with
local and online stored epg guide.xml using setup function
share your generated epg data file with all of your friends
local on drive or smb path or online with http, https or ftp
edit channel name, path, epg-id and your own prefered logo
for each channel using the integrated webbrowser and four
preselected image search-sites (bing/duck/google/yahoo)
backup a complete configuration and restore all identically
to another compatible smartphone, hdmi-stick or tablet
working and tested on devices up to android version 14
for installing on android 14 you can use adb software
to install any older version (that works up to 99.9%
very well after one short message on install or start)
copy command to install using adb.exe
take a look at the world wide web to figure it out
for example at

audio&video output based on FFMPEG (LGPL 2.1) libraries

[download android setup apk]

[download android setup zip]<

[download android setup rar]<

[download android setup 7z]<

if you download the apk from this site you must allow installations from “unknown sources”. this option is (usually) located in [settings] [security section] on your device.

up to [61 tv channel m3u]

up to [347 radio channel m3u]

up to [437 radio/tv channel m3u ]

you can find also several channel lists over the world wide web

for example: [] and [] or []

some channels are stable and available, but some changes from time to time their adresses

save it on your device and open it with the integrated file browser or open it on
your device with your file explorer and choose “open with manyplay”

search for m3u files in the world wide web and download it directly into manyplay,
if you select “download with…” in your browsers download confirmation

test manyplay for android as your primary local or web sat-tv, fm and media player!

up to [448 astra 19.2e tv channel m3u]

up to [170 astra 19.2e fm channel m3u]

up to [200 astra 19.2e tv/fm channel m3u]

up to [128 astra 28.8e tv/fm channel m3u]

download and open the m3u file above with a text editor and replace all SAT.IP phrases through the ip of the receiver save the modified file and open it with manyplay for android