• backup all in- and visible or only a selected range of images from smartphone or tablet
  • SAAM with his twain compatible interface can explore ALL images on your device
  • this interface is supported by all ios and android mobile smartphones or tablets
  • set quality and size of the backuped images before you store them to disk
  • save each as jpg or as pdf on your pc or transfer a range as an mail attachment
  • you can also import images with SAAM and store them all in one pdf file
  • modifiy your images in quality, saturation, brightneass, rotation and other way
  • use SAAM just as an ordinary scan program for your paper documents or photos
  • just by choosing one of your connected twain compatible devices in the pulldown

pdf creation is part of the synopse framework (LGPL 2.1)

download installer for windows 32 or 64bit

thunderbird or postbox mail client is required to attach image or pdf to an e-mail